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September 17 2014, 9pm


Shout out to this incredible color resource site! They give you anything and everything you could ever want to know about a color from color schemes to RGB percentage makeup. There’s even a color blindness simulator for help with using visible/accessible colors for all viewers.

So keep this site in mind if you’re a graphic designer, interior designer, artist, color enthusiast, or whatever! It’s quite awesome.

September 14 2014, 9pm


I picked up this cool special effect makeup book and thought I should scanned some of the cool stuff in it. Sorry if you can’t read the text. just let me know and I can just type out what it say.

September 12 2014, 9pm


A stellar kid I drew in class 

September 9 2014, 4pm


some doodles from class

September 7 2014, 8pm






Fun, stylized lady gangsters, vixens and spies.

love love the anatomy and style


September 4 2014, 5pm




My favorite stock artists on deviantArt, for my own reference, but also in case anyone wants some pretty sweet stock images (though most of these people are fairly well-known).

  • ahrum-stock has the most insane poses. Seriously HQ dude.
  • mjranum-stock has an incredible range of poses, costumes, models, lighting, and angles. Also verrryyyy HQ.
  • senshistock has so many stock photos available it blows my mind. Not many different setups, but she always has unique poses and props.
  • fairiegoodmother I just think the female model is really pretty.
  • yellow-stock more pretty ladies, I’m sensing a pattern.
  • felixdeon this dude has some of the weirdest gay fetish stock ever (that’s not true) but he also has an extensive gallery of male nude stock photos which is pretty hard to come by (heh heh come by).

Probably will add to this later as I rediscover photos. Enjoy if anyone is so inclined.

this is very useful

rebloobin, this is awesome and I’ve had a few of these people on my DA watch list for a while now. LIFE DRAWING, PEOPLE.

(Source: lora-does-things)

September 3 2014, 7pm


SammyTorres dragon tutorials

This person have made quite a few amazing tutorials UvU

Individual links:

Feathers for Dragons

Fur for Dragons

Scales for Dragons

Dragon Heads

Dragon Details

Forelimbs and Hindlimbs for Dragons

Wings for Dragons

How to Construct a Dragon

How to Design a Dragon


I remember finding them a while back, and thinking, “DAMN I SHOULD TELL THE DRAGON BLOG ABOUT THESE,” but I forgot, and then u beat me to it, aha (tho, some new ones have been added since I last checked, so all for the better I forgot, it seems~)

these tutorials are all so LOVELY, aaaa

I do have a few issues, tho„,

the examples for different wing shoulder placements (in the “how to construct a dragon” tutorial, second-to-last link). honestly, I think the only realistic and plausible way to place wings on a dragon is to place them fully and completely behind the front limbs (the fourth example she drew). the middle two, while the limbs might be able to move separately, they just majorly overcomplicate the dragon’s structure, and would certainly cause muscular movement issues, cus’ the muscles wrap around the skeleton and muscles of the other limb, and it’s just rly too much complication for evolution to ever apply to an animal. then the first example, w/ the wings in front, I get the feeling would set the dragon off-balance at the front, as well as not be the best “lift-point” for the dragon to have (IE- think about lifting up a cat or other small animal. the ideal “lift-point” is more near the center of their ribcage, rather than closer to their front limbs, right?)

also, elbow spines. I mean, her under-skeletal structures for the wings make the spines seem plausible, but at the same time, I just can’t get over how they’d interfere w/ joint movement, no matter how plausibly designed

and then the ear placement. I mean, her placement is perfectly realistic, given the skulls she draws, as their angles are very long/stretched (idk if that part of the jaw is called the “angle” on non-human mandibles, but I’m just gonna assume that it is, here), so her ear placement totally works. I just want to make it clear, to artists looking at these tutorials, that the reason her ears don’t look to be behind the jaw is b/c of that long angle that stretches out under the ear. the actual condyle/pivot-point of the jaw is in front of the ear canal. mandible structure can vary greatly, and, thus, vary the the position of the ear canal, so it’s good to know what kinda jaw/ear canal combo ur workin’ w/, when it comes to ear placement

anyways, thank u for sending such fab tutorials our way!

-Mod Spiral

September 3 2014, 6pm


Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea: Idate the Orca saves the day.


Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea: Idate the Orca saves the day.